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BoomBox Live at The Kinetic Playground on 2005-11-13

by BoomBox

Topics Live concert

Intro - BoomBox Remix of 1974 Grateful Dead China Cat Sunflower (Garcia/Hunter)
t 01 - World
t 02 - Stereo
t 03 - Tonight
t 04 - In the Forest
t 05 - Round and Round
t 06 - Last Thoughts on Woodie Guthrie (B. Dylan)
t 07 - BoomBox One
t 08 - Mirror
t 09 - Dream

Collection BoomBox
Band/Artist BoomBox
Venue The Kinetic Playground
Location Chicago, Illinois

Source BoomBox
Lineage SBD > MAC PowerBook > ProTools
Taped by Dino English
Transferred by Tyler Nixon


BoomBox gave the night's final performance following Terrapin Nation**

**A nebulous name for the expansive, experimental universe of musical variations amongst members of Dark Star Orchestra and their special guests.

FOH Sound Engineer - Cameron Blietz (Dark Star Orchestra)

BoomBox wishes to offer special thanks to Cameron for the hands-on technical mastery and ingenious problem-solving by which he not only overcame technical challenges and equipment deficiencies that would overwhelm even the best of sound engineers but, in spite of them, produced a house mix rich and clean enough to come through even in this raw, un-remixed recording.

BoomBox also wishes to thank the entire Dark Star Orchestra extended family and the DSO Chicago Home Team for their unfailing kindness, excessive generosity, humble brilliance, and inspirational devotion to sharing with the world a spirit of love through music.

This is BoomBox :

Zion Godchaux
Kim Hagen
Russ 'The Captain' Randolph


Reviewer: robotrock11 - - November 24, 2007
Subject: lovin some boombox
they are great just about every show i cant wait for there shows in december
Reviewer: kidwithair34 - - September 21, 2007
Subject: not the best boombox show
this is by no means the best boombox show on archive. The recording is lackluster and the guitar playing is sloppy. They are so much better now then they are in this show. There is no order to the songs, it sounds like they were just making the setlist up as they went, nothing compared to how tight this band is now. Download one of the 07 shows if you want some quality boombox
Reviewer: darhein - - August 31, 2007
Subject: great band
what a great band, fucking sweet finding them! this is by far the best recording of the Last Thoughts on Woodie Guthrie the site has up so far. these guys (and girl) rock, i cant wait to see where they go from here.
Reviewer: badnem - - July 26, 2007
Subject: yeah
grate night, grate people, grate recording, grate show.
I gotta come back to this. Its been awhile, been great seeing these guys get a bigger audience and hearing how some of the songs have grown (ie Boombox One getting lyrics and becoming After Awhile)
asides from crew and staff there were maybe 7 of us there at this point of the night. Been a good ride and Im glad its still rollin.
Reviewer: aiMeejaDe - - July 17, 2007
Subject: correCtion
bOomboX one is aftER awhiLE...
LOve thiS setList!! i LovE tha bOOmbox!!!
Reviewer: crusen5454 - - June 5, 2007
Subject: The Sound Wagon
If you have ever atended a Summercamp in Chill Illi, and you've seen the sound wagon, you know what I'm talkin about. This set turns into a straight up dance party in the right atmosphere! I listen to this set all the time now and I HATE DJ music, but this is awesome!
Reviewer: bpoe2377 - - May 22, 2007
Subject: response to darkstar
these guys are great... they are different... they are passionate about what they do or they wouldn't have stuck with it as long as they have, now they have posted their music for free, at least they are not another whining little punk band... rock on to them and I hope that their careers carry them far.
Reviewer: Big Earl - - March 27, 2007
Subject: good show
great show all around, interesting sound and i like the dead recording.

also... Grate Spelling
Reviewer: darkstar11/11/73 - - April 21, 2006
Subject: no offense to neone
but this sounds amateur at best......the guitar player plays the same thing over every seems that these guys hang around DSO cuz of the Godchaux connection.......saw them open for DSO in ATL and felt really bad for them as the crowd tried to tune them out as best they the set ended the crowd clapped politely but apparently not to the satisfaction of the guitar player...who stood there for a second then sarcasticly mumbled "you guys are great" gotta earn it man...maybe they will get better but it mostly just sounds like old recycled disco beats......i think the "john" guesting is kadelnik from DSO
Reviewer: Tyler - - April 20, 2006
Subject: Really cool funky DJ with live guitar. Toe tapping!
Grabbed this because it had streaming capabilities, and was a 'staff pick'. I'm really grooving this band! The recording is spot on. Soundboard and it really is crystal clear. There is just a tad 'phasing' where one channel will cut out for a second or two and then stereo will return on the first few tracks for like a second or two. In the notes it mentions how they were having massive sound problems, so considering this, it sounds great. 'in the forest' has some 'rave whistles' and tempos / beats on in the background, with the live guitar over the beats. cool! t06 has special guest "hiney" on harmonica, and the song is a really unique / cool Bob Dylan interpretation. real up beat. "boombox one" has special guest 'john' on either synth or a guitar into an effects pedal. that sounds really cool. Overall, the show is real toe tapping and funky stuff. DJ, live guitar, and a dancer on stilts / fire wands / rope from the ceiling. a really awesome sounding show to stream at work! You'll dig it, I promise. I'm definately seeing them live if they come to san diego.
Reviewer: ddowney11 - - March 12, 2006
Subject: wow
I downloaded this because of a good batting average and wow what a cool sound. Love the dead remix.
Reviewer: thejoker024 - - February 20, 2006
Subject: good find
thanks to a good batting average i checked these guys out. great stuff, well worth a listen, and i cant wait to see if they blow up. tons of potential!!

it also doesn't hurt that they are putting up the sound boards. more bands should do it...
Reviewer: ingsy - - November 29, 2005
Subject: head bopping
great stuff to listen to at work...sounds somewhat like jamiroquai, the dead remix is pretty cool as well. nice clean SBD as well.
by BoomBox
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